Louvraj | Artwork > Nostalji ki fé rékòt

In this part of an ongoing series of work exploring environmental issues, daily life, and tracing roots, I follow more closely my Creole and French heritage. I visited Alabama, Mississippi, and various parts of Louisiana to see locations where my ancestors lived and worked, harvesting tales and landscapes of both historical and personal significance. Through my personal journey of learning Kouri-Vini, the endangered Creole language of Louisiana, I’ve made significant connections to these places and spaces, especially those in the parishes of Pointe Coupée, West Baton Rouge, and St. James. While there are certainly creatures, beasts, and monsters featured in this body of work, some of them remain en kashèt (hidden). Within the context of Latannyèrizm and the themes of nostalgia and mending, these narrative landscape paintings represent a journey of cultural reclamation, reflective excursions, harvests, invasive species, plus the magnificence of gargantuan flora and fauna of Louisiana.

Mo dédiyé lèkspo-çila a mô famiy, mô zanmi, é mô kamarad kréyol Lalwizyàn ki té souchin mò sitan pendan mô shinmin.

This show is dedicated to my family, friends, and fellow Louisiana Creoles who’ve been so supportive of this leg of my journey.

Bagas en lè: Léklènn (Flying Bagasse: Lakeland)
Acrylic and natural materials from Bayou Fusilier in Lakeland on panel, recycled frame.
14.75 x 17.75 in.
Bagas en lè: Smithfield (Flying Bagasse: Smithfield)
Acrylic and natural materials from former Smithfield Plantation on panel, recycled frame.
16.75 x 20 in.
Bafré Blòf rouj (Red Bluff Buffet)
Acrylic and clay from Red Bluff on panel, recycled frame.
10.75 x 13 in.
Bouki Lavashri (Vacherie Bouki)
Acrylic and mud from Vacherie on panel, recycled frame.
7.75 x 9.75 in.
Ditrin-çála dan bwa a Kouven (That Noise in the Woods in Convent)
Acrylic and sediment from Convent on panel, recycled frame.
30.75 x 36.75 in.
Kabònn dannin a Kouven (Damned House in Convent)
Acrylic and natural materials from Convent on panel, recycled frame.
23.75 x 19.75 in.
Koudzou Naché (Kudzu of Natchez)
Acrylic and natural materials from Natchez on panel, recycled frame.
19.5 x 23.5 in.
Loulou koté Fòr Toulous (‘Lil Bug at Fort Toulouse)
Acrylic and mud from Fort Toulouse on panel, recycled frame.
20.75 x 24.75 in.
Meshasébé ba (The Mississippi River is Low)
Acrylic and natural materials from the Mississippi River on panel, recycled frame.
18.25 x 22.25 in.
Meshasébé ho (The Mississippi River is High)
Acrylic and natural materials from the Mississippi River on panel.
26 x 22 in.
Sansi-yé dan Bayou Vèmiyon (Leeches in Bayou Vermilion)
Acrylic and Bayou Vermilion mud on panel, recycled frame
18.25 x 22.25 in.
Shwal djab-yé dan Bèl Rivyè (Devil Horses on Belle River)
Acrylic and Belle River mud on panel, recycled frame.
36.25 x 41.25 in.
Ça ki rès dan Gran Sip-la (What Lives in the Great Cypress)
Acrylic and Cat Island Swamp mud on panel, recycled frame.
48.5 x 24.5 x 7 in.
Zyé azir dan Latè lib (Azure Eyes in Freeland)
Acrylic and Freeland sediment on panel, recycled frame.
49.25 x 34.25 x 8 in.