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That Damn Huile du Guêpe Drowns Mon Bateau
That Damn Huile du Guêpe Drowns Mon Bateau
oil on canvas
8" x 10"

"That Damn Huile du Guêpe Drowns Mon Bateau" was created in response to the numerous and ongoing oil spill disasters plaguing Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. The orange frame is a symbol for the life ring buoys thrown to survivors during water rescue missions. During hurricane season, we not only see the devastation of mother nature, but also the consequences of human nature as oil sheens and trash are strewn across the marshes, swamps, cities, and suburbs as well as structures failing and buckling. All of this makes rescues efforts even more difficult. Over the past 100 years Louisiana has been in a state of emergency – constantly drowning because of drilling, mining, cutting, clearing, controlling. Perhaps it’s too late for even a life ring buoy, but it’s never too late to adapt.